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replacing a brake pad

It's important that when you're driving, you're able to come to a stop or slow your car down when you press on the brake pedal. If you can hear your brake pads grinding as you do, it will take you longer than normal to stop and put you at risk. If you need brake replacements, our team in Cardiff have a range to be fitted for all types of vehicle models. We'll keep you safe on the roads.

Make sure that your car is safe to drive

  • Brake replacements - grinding brake pads

  • Brake repairs - sticking brake pads

  • Clutch replacements - burnt out clutches

  • Clutch repairs - worn parts

  • Competitive prices

Equipping your car with high quality parts

When you can smell burning in your car, it's a sure sign that your clutch needs replacing. Other signs include jerking when you try to drive away from a starting stop, or less resistance on the pedals than you normally have. We specialise in clutch replacements and can help you to enjoy a more smoother drive, without breaking the bank for new parts.

Can you smell burning from your clutch?

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