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Has your exhaust come loose and can you hear it rattling every time you go over a bump in the road? When you accelerate, do you hear a louder and deeper noise? One of the most obvious tell-tale signs of needing exhaust replacements is the amount of fumes that are coming out of your system. A large and dark fog indicates that there's something wrong, and our mechanics in Cardiff can put it right for you.

Faulty exhaust? You've come to the right place

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We'll diagnose the problem for you

Broken exhausts drain your fuel a lot more than normal to overcompensate for the damages. You'll find yourself heading to the petrol station a lot more than normal! As well as this, it's illegal to drive on the roads with a broken fitting, and if caught, you could be given a large fine. Don't leave it too late to come and visit us in Cardiff for your exhaust replacements. We'll have a new fitting on in no time.

Damaged exhausts can cost you more than you may think